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R.C. Legnini Celebrates 50 Years!

RCL Team
Malvern, PA, R.C. Legnini Company is proudly celebrating its 50th anniversary in the construction business.
R.C. Legnini was founded in 1972 by Robert Charles “Bob” Legnini. Fresh out of college, Bob pocketed
his degree in English and religious studies and took up carpentry, working at first out of a garage.
Beginning with modest renovation projects, he soon built a devoted clientele along the Philadelphia Main
Line and was well positioned for the 1980s boom in large custom houses, a market in which his
company’s in-house millwork shop proved a distinct advantage.
The company’s current president, Mitch Handman, joined as a partner in 1989, bringing valuable
expertise in job costing and accounting. “Bob already had a great reputation for really high-quality
residential projects,” says Handman, whose management skills dramatically boosted the company’s
growth and profitability.
By the time Bob Legnini retired, in 1997, the company had expanded into
commercial and institutional projects—which now account for 95 percent of its work—as well as into
markets across the mid-Atlantic states
Today, R.C. Legnini Company operates in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland,
and Virginia, on projects that range from high-end custom homes to preschools, Senior Living Facilities,
Churches and Synagogues, and highly specialized academic buildings.
“We’re currently under construction on a new 15,000-square-foot science building for Immaculata University,” Handman says.
R.C. Legnini has clients who can supply repeat business.
“We have had a crew at one rental apartment building in New York City for eight years now.
“In that building alone, we have completed 205 apartment remodels.”
We have cultivated relationships with architects, clients, and subcontractors.
The company’s success ultimately comes down to relationships, says Handman, who
rattles off a list of employees whose tenure goes back 25, 30, and 35 years.
“In order to keep good people, you have to treat them right,” he says. “There is no science to that.”
R.C. Legnini Celebrates 50 Years!