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The R.C. Legnini Company started its business from the ground up doing one job at a time based in a small garage in St. Davids. While we have grown, we still envision ourselves as a small company large enough to provide you with service, quality, management and commitment to budget. Like all of our projects, one of the owners of the company will manage and oversee your project from start to completion. R.C. Legnini directly employs many of the craftspeople that you will see at your project. The subcontractors used at your residence are artisans we have worked with for many years, some for more than 25 years. This continuity between management, employee, and sub contractor creates a team-like atmosphere that is on every project and is essential to the quality of the work.

Guiding our on-site effort is our Superintendent. Not only will this person be maintaining the schedule and reviewing all work, he will be a direct participant in the work. Our Superintendents are expected to wear a tool belt. This is not only a cost effective way for the project to be managed but it also puts the Superintendent’s signature on the job which we feel is important to the overall quality of the final product.